Sydney Skate Park, Alexandria

The Sydney Skate Park at Alexandria is the largest skate park in Sydney, complete with an expansive plaza area with rails, ledges and banks, plus a beginner bowl area. Central to the design is a 3.3 metre-deep flow bowl, for skaters and riders who are looking to develop and refine their skating skills. Throughout the design and construction phases, the team worked hard to achieve perfection. Engaged as a multi-discipline team, we designed an intricate subsurface drainage network to protect the skate park’s concrete joints from groundwater ingress; a biofiltration system which naturally treats the skatepark’s runoff before it discharges into the stormwater system; an impressive gabion wall and custom shade/ seating area and an automatic lighting system which allows for skating well into the night.

The thoughtfully designed space has already been rated as one of the best in the country and Northrop is proud to have been part of delivering such an innovative community space. 


Client Name
City of Sydney
Construction Value
$6 million

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