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Northrop offers specialist electrical consultation, design and project management services on all projects that require alterations to High Voltage or Low Voltage power, as well as street lighting and EV chargers. We work with customers supplied by the NSW Electricity Distribution networks (DNSPs).

Northrop have several ‘Level 3’ Accredited Service Providers in New South Wales who can assist at any stage of a project or can guide you through from concept to completion.

Our positive working relationships with supply authorities have meant we’ve been able to secure speedy approvals and negotiate safer and more cost-effective solutions. 

During design, we take the time to check constructability of the project. We understand that identifying and resolving issues then, will reduce delays and costs during construction.

Given the specialised nature of this service, our electrical engineers are great at co-ordinating this service with other engineering and design disciplines to suit each individual project.

We work closely with the client, architect, project manager, supply authority and other stakeholders to understand their requirements and deliver quality tailored solutions.

At Northrop, we can:

  • Work out what is required and how to get power to the site to support the load
  • Get connections to the site which require alterations to the network, including Temporary Builders Supplies
  • Design to install all types of substations from padmounts and kiosks to chamber and indoor substations including surface, basement, upper level and elevated substations and control points
  • Move, relocate, place cables underground or remove existing electrical assets from the site or in the street
  • Design public domain areas, including lighting, EV chargers and pedestrian crossings
  • Design pole and pillar relocations along roads and can design power to service industrial and residential subdivisions
  • Cater for the construction by sequencing Utility provider projects; early works, Temporary Builders Supply, final site supply and public domain works
  • Master planning and due diligence reports

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