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Our structural engineers are relentlessly client-focused.  We love working with our clients to solve their problems and work hard at building and maintaining relationships with clients who are aligned with our values. In other words, we work to achieve our client’s goals - not just the engineering goals.


Northrop offers engineering and environmental services to support full project delivery. Our civil team has a proactive approach that optimises solutions and streamlines delivery of urban infrastructure and land development work. This involves urban redevelopment, subdivisions, public parks and open spaces, sports fields, industrial facilities, roads, flood management, stormwater management, water sensitive urban design and water infrastructure.

Water & Environment

Every development, regardless of its built form, will have an impact on its surrounding environment and hydrology. Our job as water and environment engineers is to minimise that impact. 

A well-considered plan for managing and mitigating these impacts is a common sense way to ensure a site’s long-term amenity. It is also nearly always a requirement from local authorities before development approval is given.


Our Sustainability team has the right technical expertise and experience, but we do things a little differently. We are commercially sensitive towards what works and what doesn’t and a flexible approach based on client needs. We are backed by a large multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy and have the ability to service projects of any size. As a team we are also able to draw on over thirty years of multi-disciplinary engineering experience to provide our sustainability services.

Building Services - Mechanical

For mechanical services, the hidden results – results you don’t see – are often the best ones. You don’t want to hear it, see it, or feel it; and you don’t want a huge power bill. 

Our mechanical engineers provide cost effective, practical and energy-efficient designs for building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. 

Building Services - Electrical

We offer design-led, sustainable electrical engineering solutions to clients and projects all around Australia. Whether it be a commercial development, residential building or civic facility we offer experienced, responsive, value-add electrical engineering services.

Building Services - Hydraulic & Fire

At Northrop, our approach to hydraulic design begins every time with understanding our client and their project. While the visible result of our work may be top-notch water, gas and pressure systems, what our engineers are really aiming for is a solution that best fits our client’s needs and objectives. 


At Northrop, our experienced acoustics team are at the core of our analytical approach to highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing environments. Through sophisticated modeling technology these unique sound and acoustic designs are seamlessly integrated into the building and architectural design, while offering practical and cost effective sound solutions to your spaces. 

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a built asset – everything from bridges to buildings.

Remedial & Diagnostics

Northrop’s Diagnostic and Remedial discipline provides a value-adding service to owners and asset managers of existing commercial, residential and industrial physical assets.

Northrop strives for diagnostic and remedial solutions that are tailored to their client’s needs. 

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