Northrop Facades + Structures provide a specialist Façade Engineering service that is unique to the Façade Industry.

The point of difference for our clients is that Northrop provides a Specialist Façade engineering team with expertise across all aspects of building facades. Our knowledge extends much further than façade specifications and concept sketches. We look holistically at each and every project to ensure we provide innovative solutions for all aspects of Building Façades including;

  • aesthetic appearance
  • performance of materials, including Thermal behavior and Light transmission
  • structural behavior
  • Weather tightness
  • Maintenance and buildability.

Our experience indicates that there countless opportunities to add value to projects when the façade engineering service is developed integrally with the primary structure supporting the Façade elements.

Northrop’s specialist façade team has a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals in structural engineering and can apply this expertise not only to the Façade, but also to the primary structural elements supporting the façade system. The result is a fully integrated façade solution that is cost effective and buildable! 

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