McCarroll's Automotive Group - Ferrari Car Showroom, Artarmon

This ambitious project for the luxurious Italian Ferrari brand involved the refurbishment of an existing top floor office space to make way for a new 1100m2 car showroom. The refurbishment works necessitated the installation of new stair voids through existing concrete slabs, the enclosure of a number of open terraces and the extension of an existing external car lift in the building’s rear. Prominent on the fa├žade is a cantilevered glass car display box. Being the first of its kind in the world, we worked closely with the builder, glazing contractor and architect to achieve a structurally sound and elegant showpiece. Northrop had previously designed the external car lift and so we were well placed to undertake the engineering of the extension of this lift shaft, which involved new portal framed braces to account for additional wind loads and wall spans. Other challenges that presented themselves throughout this refurbishment and repurposing project were working with the existing structure, reconsidering fire rating and fire compartments and working around existing services as well as coordination with new services.

Photography by Reitsma Constructions Pty Ltd 


Client Name
Reitsma Constructions Pty Ltd
Construction Value
$4 million

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