Menangle Road Upgrades

Menangle Park is a $1.5 Billion residential development located in Sydney’s rapidly growing southwest corridor. As part of the Stage 1 Masterplan, the developer is required to carry out road upgrades to Menangle Road at the connection to Cummins Road. Northrop were engaged to provide design and construction RMS project verification for these works.

The works have been split into 2 main areas: a slip lane allowing access to the sales suite and the roundabout which is pivotal to the release of adjacent land subdivisions. The roundabout design was particularly challenging and involved careful consideration to existing levels and existing property access.

As the RMS Project Verifier, Northrop facilitated between the relevant RMS Project Manager to advise on the most suitable design solutions. This is a significant project for our team as it was our first providing project verification directly for a RMS road. Our extensive knowledge of RMS processes, drawings and specifications, technical understanding and proactive project management has been key to this project’s successful delivery.

Client Name
Benaiah Project Management
Construction Value
$30 million

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