Newcastle Memorial Walk

One of the most spectacular coastal walks in Australia, the Newcastle Memorial pedestrian bridge is constructed over a cliff top overlooking Merewether and Bar Beach with historical references to commemorate the WWI. 

The walk was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC’s landing at Gallipoli and the commencement of making steel in Newcastle. The structural design was developed in conjunction with EJE Architecture to reflect the double helix of human DNA to identify fallen soldiers on the battlefield of Europe.

Northrop worked to design a high end structural product within a constrained budget. The structural design had to visually express the project theme with the top bridge adorned with steel silhouettes of soldiers. Durability of the infrastructure was paramount given its close proximity to the aggressive marine environment and high winds.

The finished product is a 160 metre cliff top bridge that adjoins the Bathers Way promenade and provides a unique drawcard for locals and visitors to the area. 

Newcastle Anzac Memorial Walk - April 25th 2015

Newcastle Memorial Walk
Client Name
EJE Architecture

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