Plasser Australia, St. Mary's

Plasser Australia, a premier track maintenance machinery provider in Australia and New Zealand, enlisted Northrop for a comprehensive expansion initiative. Our role encompassed electrical, hydraulic, fire, mechanical, and structural engineering services to enhance their facilities with additional commercial and industrial spaces.

Functioning seamlessly as a multi-disciplinary team, Northrop conducted thorough site investigations to grasp the existing building structure, crucial for informing our designs. The inclusion of a workshop utilising and storing paint required meticulous consideration in our mechanical designs, ensuring optimal safety through well-planned fresh air intakes and exhausts.

Throughout construction, our team demonstrated agility, providing swift and innovative solutions to unforeseen challenges, ensuring the project's continuous progress. This marks the second successful collaboration between Northrop and Plasser. 

Client Name
Rider Levett Bucknall/ Plasser Australia
Construction Value
$5 million

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