Spire Apartments, Marketown

Three residential towers of seven, five and four storeys on top of an existing shopping centre located in Marketown. This was the second stage of the original development; the original building was designed to accommodate the additional residential development above. The client’s goal was to minimise disruption to the retail premises below and to create a roof top garden/park that residents can enjoy.

Throughout the process the concept of the apartments changed which meant we had to invest additional time to make sure the existing building could cope with the change. Strengthen existing building to make sure it could cope with additional floors.

Accommodating a park that high presented numerous challenges; the weight on the slab and the size and how aggressive the trees are made the waterproofing a challenge. We collaborated with the landscape architect to get the right amount of greenfill and keep the costs down. Tight timeframe to adhere to.

The project is currently under construction, up to level two. Responsiveness and flexibility in design has meant that we have been able to meet the changing brief and keep the project within its tight timeframes over the busy Christmas period. 

Spire Apartments
Client Name
Cartier Group
Construction Value
$60 million

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