1 O'Connell Street, Sydney

“Sydney’s growing underground infrastructure is placing a strain on the finite geotechnical and structural capacity and the ground movement as a result of tunnelling and underground construction exposes CBD buildings to the risk of structural damage. By monitoring the baseline vibration levels before, during and after the tunnelling and construction of the Sydney Metro, Northrop acoustics have provided documentation of vibration level exceedances should the building encounter any damage during the construction phase.” Isabella Adlington, Acoustics Consultant, Northrop Consulting Engineers 

Northrop Remedial and Acoustics services were required on this 36-storey commercial office building during underground Sydney Metro tunnelling works.

To certify the accuracy of the environmental impact studies undertaken, the client required vibration monitoring and capturing of the visible structural elements, prior to and during construction of the metro tunnel. To ensure there would be no negative impact, further research was undertaken by Northrop to understand the impacts of the vibrations, in consultation with industry experts and government advice.

The Northrop Remedial team captured the interior conditions throughout the building via detailed inspections. Abseiling inspections on the façade were also carried out in order to capture the existing condition of the building façade prior to any possible impact from Sydney Metro works. By monitoring the vibration levels in the basement of the building during the tunnel construction, our Acoustics team were able to track and provide timely reporting details if any damage occurred due to the works. 

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