6 Sep 2017

Kieran Steele

Smart Cities, Communities and Buildings are the talk of the town at the moment, but the biggest challenge to proper implementation is the lack of a global standard for what these terms mean. 

Born and raised in Canberra, Dave grew up with two older brothers and spent much of his time camping, on family 4WD outings and motorbike riding. 

30 Aug 2017

It was a brisk morning on Friday August 25 as our riders stretched their muscles about to embark on a 60km ride around the scenic Samford area, QLD. 

Australia’s population is much older today than it has been in the past, and both the number and proportion of older people is growing steadily. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that by 2064 there will be 9.6 million people aged 65 and over, with life expectancy in Australia the highest in the world (www.aihw.gov.au/ageing/about/). 

23 Aug 2017

Meet Mal. He's humble yet somewhat competitive. He's ambitious and has a keen drive to watch others succeed. He's one of our latest principals, congratulations Mal. 

14 Aug 2017

Meet Mike. A self starter, garage potterer and one of our latest Prinicpals. Congratulations Mike.

9 Aug 2017

Applications for our undergraduate vacation program are closing on August 31st. Don't miss out, apply today!

2 Aug 2017

Karlie is the structural college board chair and an assoicate at Northrop. She is a regular contributor to Built Offsite. Here she looks at the specific contribution of structural engineers to the innovation space.

26 Jul 2017

The Property Council of Australia hosted their annual diversity lunch on Tuesday July 25th. The event featured frank discussions with industry leaders on progress to date and priorities including tackling pay equality and growing a diverse talent pool. 

20 Jul 2017

Mark Dorling

Urbanest Darling Square is a two stage multi-unit student accommodation development. It comprises of two 22 story towers, a link bridge, and large communal spaces. A project of this scale requires a high level of coordination to avoid cost and time overruns. Northrop implemted BIM 360 Glue, a collaborative tool which allowed the team to build the project digitally to fully coordinate the design and avoid potential clashes in the future. 

6 Jul 2017

Peter is a senior mechanical engineer, a dad to four children, a camping enthusiast and one of our latest associates. Congratulations Peter. 

28 Jun 2017

Northrop’s Karlie Collis knows that understanding diversity issues begins with understanding your people.

22 Jun 2017

Ian Van Eerden, Brian Fung

Changes to the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program now requires owners of commercial offices of more than 1000 square metres to provide a valid Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) to potential buyers or lessors. 

Ian Van Eerden, Brian Fung

From 1 July 2017, changes to the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program will see a lowering of the mandatory disclosure threshold from 2000 to 1000 square metres. It means owners of commercial offices of 1000 square metres or more will now require a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) before leasing, subleasing or selling.

15 Jun 2017

25 May 2017

Karlie Collis outlines the role of engineers in supporting the economic viability of off-site construction. 

24 May 2017

Northrop was proud to be part of the inaugural Melrose Park Community Golf Day to align ourselves with the long-term commitment of Payce and Sekisui House to the area and promote activities and developments that engage the interests of the local community.

Congratulations to structural engineer Jonathon Low, who has been appointed to Associate after nine years with Northrop.

18 May 2017

Looking for a civil consultant? Here’s Northrop’s top seven traits of exceptional civil engineers.

Northrop Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce the appointment of Jamie Shelton, previously the Sydney Regional Manager, as its new CEO, effective April, 2017. 

27 Apr 2017

Northrop are thrilled to announce our latest principals. A group of our most talented engineers who add immeasurable value to our clients, their projects and our business.

19 Apr 2017

Meet Newcastle's latest associate, Brad. Born and bred in Canberra in 1976 - like Northrop funnily enough. He's relaxed, a keen fisherman and all about opening doors for his people to succeed. 

12 Apr 2017

The Inglis family are approaching an end of an era as they close the doors to their Newmarket Thoroughbred Auction Complex

10 Apr 2017

Northrop’s Sydney Civil Section provided an intensive full weekend workshop to train our junior staff in subdivision design this past weekend.

This training will further boost the capabilities and available resources within our subdivision team and provide opportunities for our staff.

6 Apr 2017

Did you know that Parramatta is accessible to 2.3 million people within 45 minutes? That means on average 50% of our clients and staff will be able to access Parramatta with ease. 

5 Apr 2017

Port of Brisbane is now home to Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) largest joint-less concrete slab. The recently poured slab at Australian Container Freight Services measures a whopping 50,000 square metres without a joint in sight; by far the largest joint-less concrete slab ever poured in Australia. 

The motivations behind the shrinking office space requirements of companies are the increasing trend in workplace strategies and space efficiency initiatives, requiring owners to prepare their buildings to cope with greater workspace density, new technologies and the latest in energy management. Is your office building fit and ready for the modern workforce?

Newly appointed associate, Chris Webb had almost finished an Engineering degree when he realised it was drafting that he enjoyed most. 

29 Mar 2017

Ian Van Eerden

With the unprecedented volume of new A grade space in the Sydney market, many large tenants have relocated. This has provided both an opportunity and a need for landlords of older stock to upgrade in order to secure quality tenants and lift yields.

22 Mar 2017

BUILT offsite recently published an article with Northrop's Structural Engineer and Structural College Board Chair, Karlie Collis. Karlie makes the case for new thinking focused on collaboration and outside-the-box solutions to harness DfMA's efficiences.

21 Mar 2017

Nada joined Northrop in 2015, becoming our Sydney Office Manager and Regional Business Support Manager. Growing up in Brisbane along with her five brothers, Nada’s fondest memories involve being with family eating delicious Lebanese food at her parent’s restaurant.  Having been surrounded by so many men, it’s no wonder it taught Nada to stand up for herself 

15 Mar 2017

Lilian Lee is a senior structural engineer and an associate in our Sydney office. Here she tells us a bit about her career with Northrop over the years. 

8 Mar 2017

Ian Van Eerden

Why do we not expect to have the same comfort in our homes as we do in our offices? Despite our better understanding of building performance, tightening of the National Construction Code and the introduction of BASIX, we have made almost negligible progress in the efficiency of our housing stock over the last decade.

6 Mar 2017

Nicola Coyle

Civil Engineer, Ryan Diercke, joined Northrop two and a half years ago, and has been forging a career in the civil section of our Newcastle office. It may surprise you to learn that for the past nine months Ryan has been living in London, United Kingdom, where he continues to work for our office remotely.

23 Feb 2017

Tommy Sailing

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s national telecommunications network promising fast and affordable Internet and phone services to premises across the country. It will replace most of Australia’s existing fixed-line networks causing a degree of uncertainty over the future of residential and business communications systems. Over the next five years, we’ll see existing facilities upgraded with NBN technology, and NBN infrastructure installed in all new developments.

Land close to water is typically constrained by flooding issues and zoned for low-risk developments. But in response to rising demand for housing, residential developers are now viewing these sites with opportunistic eyes and taking advantage of the amenity benefits a development near water can offer. Northrop Principal, Mal Brown identifies some of the risks associated with waterfront land and how developers can equip themselves to tackle these risks. 

9 Feb 2017

Nicola Viselli, Erica Chan

With 2016 achieving the unenviable title of “hottest year on record”, what are some of the sustainable design features developers might consider to make their buildings more comfortable in this increasingly extreme environment? 

6 Dec 2016

Northrop Consulting Engineers are proud to announce that the Newcastle Memorial Walk project not only won the best project award in the Engineers Australia Newcastle Division Excellence Awards but has now also won a 2016 National Award for Engineering Excellence at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.

23 Nov 2016

Nicola Coyle

Congratulations to our Sydney Structural Section Manager and Principal, Todd Halliday on his election to President of the Association of Consulting Structural Engineers (ACSE).  

9 Nov 2016

Nicola Coyle

Peter has 25 years’ experience in the engineering industry with specialist knowledge in food and beverage refrigeration systems. 

7 Nov 2016

Structural college board chair and Northrop Associate Karlee Collis analyses the ways in which offsite methodologies look set to change the role of engineers

13 Oct 2016

interview with Nicola Coyle

Northrop Consulting Engineers’ Principal and Sydney Regional Manager, Jamie Shelton shares his thoughts on the company turning 40 and the value this holds for clients.

21 Sep 2016

When Senior Civil Designer, Steven Startin answered a job ad for Northrop Newcastle in the newspaper, there were just four employees in the office. Today that number is closer to 60 and Steve is now celebrating his 20-year milestone with the company.

16 Aug 2016

Northrop staff were proud to participate in the RSPCA Cupcake Day on Monday 15th August, 2016 to raise funds for mistreated animals. 

22 Jun 2016

This year marks a milestone in Northrop’s history as we proudly celebrate 40 years in business.

Ibby Kanalas joined Northrop as a senior electrical engineer in 2013 and became an associate late last year.  She has more than 35 years’ experience in the construction industry.

26 May 2016

15 Dec 2015

Associate appointments recognise Northrop people who have seized the opportunity to make a valuable and enduring contribution to our success

24 Nov 2015

Northrop have been engaged by Richard Crookes constructions to complete the structural design for Toll Priority and a speculative warehouse at the Goodman’s Port Botany Industrial Estate.


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