21 Apr 2020

Northrop's expert panel of engineers; Todd Bailey (Structural), Peter Young (Mechanical), Craig Hinton (Structural), Mitch Blyth (Civil) and Chris Buntine (Sustainability) discuss the key considerations of converting a building into a temporary hospital.


16 Apr 2020

With the recent appointment of Chris Buntine as their Melbourne Sustainability Manager, Northrop is keen to apply its sustainable engineering expertise to the Victorian property industry which is increasingly embracing sustainability as mission critical in a time of climate emergency.

1 Apr 2020

As Northrop's new structural manager in Victoria, Katie Malvaso is excited about the prospect of both influencing the state's aesthetic over the coming years – and helping Northrop grow, too. And, while global events, of course, provide some unforeseen challenges, Katie and the team at Northrop are focusing on what is needed to keep delivering to clients in the short, medium and longer-term.

31 Mar 2020

When working on heritage projects, it’s critical to understand the history of the building and the context of the work you’re doing – otherwise your name may be added to the history books for all the wrong reasons!


24 Mar 2020

As the current situation is rapidly evolving, Northrop has been reviewing and preparing to ensure we protect our staff, their families and all who we work with. In the event of a mandated shutdown, we assure you that we will remain open for business, continue to achieve deadlines and provide the high level of service that our clients expect from us.

2 Mar 2020

Evolving tenancy requirements, heritage listing (prohibiting loss of historic fabric) and tight space constraints are some of the key challenges Northrop overcame on the $32M renovation of Cambell's Stores as it was transformed into a pre-eminent harbourside dining precinct.

A medical linear accelerator (LINAC) is a device used for external beam radiation treatment of patients with cancer. It delivers high-energy x-rays or electrons to the region of the patient's tumour. It's critical that the LINAC is shielded to prevent high-energy rays from escaping the treatment room. Here's what you need to consider.


20 Jan 2020

By their very nature healthcare facilities are challenging to significantly alter or add to once operational – public facilities have to be operational around the clock – while closing part of a private facility has significant financial implications. It is therefore critical to take into account future demand and growth opportunities when planning healthcare facilities. Here’s what you need to consider.


21 Nov 2019

Here at Northrop, giving back to those less fortunate is very important to us. Our Sydney team have been working on several key initiatives that make a real difference to other people’s lives.

14 Nov 2019

Civil and environmental engineer Angelica Kamperos features in Northrop’s latest video. Based in our Sydney office, Angelica joined our civil team in 2016 as an undergraduate. She completed her studies at the University of New South Wales in 2018 and is now a full-time engineer with Northrop.

8 Nov 2019

Our Canberra team recently hosted their first event at their new premises – an office warming party! A fantastic evening, guests enjoyed tasty food, live music and good company. A big thank you to the 60 clients that attended.

7 Nov 2019

Our Sydney office hosted over 100 clients at the Old Clare Hotel rooftop in Chippendale for the Melbourne Cup race this year. Our guests dressed to impress in the ‘splash of red theme’ while sipping on frozen watermelon margaritas. 

6 Nov 2019

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is the leading authority when it comes to design, construction and maintenance of roadways in NSW. To ensure developers meet their requirements for quality and safety, they have implemented a series of sophisticated protocols, specifications and systems. These systems can be inherently difficult to navigate. Selecting the right TfNSW Project Verifier can make all the difference.

28 Oct 2019

A big thank you to everyone that attended our annual client event in Newcastle last week. Guests enjoyed spectacular ocean views, tasty food, great live music and even a magician!

15 Oct 2019

The Northrop team had an absolute blast filming our newest recruitment video at our Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices. It was exciting to see that so many of our people wanted to contribute by being interviewed or starring as an ‘extra’. A big thank you to everyone involved.

14 Oct 2019

Congratulations to Benjamin Lawrence and Casthuri Kamalaraj who were members of award-winning teams in a design competition to develop Parramatta Jail precinct. The awards were part of Consult Australia’s FutureNet program.

11 Oct 2019

“When faced with an aging commercial office that still has ‘good bones’ but doesn’t suit the current market, too often the focus moves to major alterations or a full knock down rebuild approach,” says Northrop Associate and Senior Sustainability Consultant, Ian Van Eerden. “But re-lifeing buildings and changing their use can yield great results both financially and performance wise.”

20 Sep 2019

Congratulations to Northrop’s Mitchell Peatman and Tommy Sailing who were recognised at the 2019 CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards.

17 Sep 2019

Northrop’s Board has appointed ten new Associates; Matthew Allen, Angus Brien, Roberta Brosco, David Bryceson, Mark Dorling, James Gilligan, Alan Zois Margaris, Lachlan McRae, Chris Piper and Jeremy Sue.

12 Sep 2019

Digby Hall, Northrop’s Sustainable Communities + Climate Resilience Lead, recently chaired the IQPC Entertainment Precincts Summit held in Melbourne. Here are some of the key insights from the event.

6 Sep 2019

When it comes to hydraulic and fire consulting in Australia, few people have as many runs on the board as Simon Matthews, who joined the Northrop team in October 2018, after 24 years as a director at a building services multi-disciplinary company. 

30 Aug 2019

Michael DiRienzo, Chief Executive Hunter New England Local Heath District, announced last week that Northrop Consulting Engineers will join the team working on the $780M John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct Project.

27 Aug 2019

Life’s looking up for retirees according to recent research from the Property Council of Australia, with 30% of all new retirement communities under development including ‘vertical village components’. Here at Northrop, vertical retirement living is an increasingly important area of expertise. 

6 Aug 2019

Senior living and care facilities aren’t what they used to be. Once a stark, sterile environment, fluorescently lit and lacking in creature comforts, today they’re designed to be homely and welcoming, with special attention paid to practicality and functionality.

29 Jul 2019

Over the past 20 years Australia has hosted multiple iconic sporting events and, as a result, has some of the most recognised sporting and entertainment stadiums in the world. With Brisbane's success in securing the 2032 Olympics, Northrop Brisbane’s lead structural engineer, Josh Neil, shares his insights on what goes into the planning of the major venues that host an event like the Olympics.

26 Jul 2019

Working on award winning projects is a testament to our collaborative approach and commitment to successful partnerships. We are extremely proud to have a number of our client's projects nominated for the UDIA Excellence Awards. 

10 Jul 2019

As we redevelop our urban areas, we often need to upgrade underground services and utilities, or simply avoid damaging them. Here are a few tips and tricks to successfully navigate the murky world of underground services and avoid clashes.

18 Jun 2019

One of Northrop’s pro bono clients, Knowledge Water, is going ahead in leaps and bounds. The majority Indigenous-owned business based in Arnhem Land is close to finalising a national product trial with one of Australia’s largest office supplies companies.

17 Jun 2019

Design and Construct (D&C) contracts are a great way to streamline projects by delegating responsibilities to the builder. Northrop Principal and Sydney Regional Manager, Todd Halliday, offers his tips to ensure a successful D&C project, minimising any potential dramas.

12 Jun 2019

50 guests joined the Northrop team for an entertaining and informative night, learning about the intricacies of beer and cheese, and sampling some wonderful pairings. It’s a hard life!

11 Jun 2019

In the face of escalating climate risk, the process of creating smart and innovative precincts is something we must excel at if we are to deliver sustainable and resilient communities and create more prosperous and meaningful places for people. Digby Hall, Northrop’s Sustainable Communities + Climate Resilience Lead, recently chaired the final day of the ‘Smart Precincts and Innovation Hubs’ conference held in Sydney. Here’s the key takeaways.

4 Jun 2019

Did you know that pouring a beer into a glass greatly changes the flavour of the beer? International beer educator, writer and judge, Kirrily Waldhorn and globally renowned cheese expert, Claudia Bowman, joined the Melbourne Northrop team, along with 90 guests at our recent Beer & Cheese evening.

23 May 2019

Emma Hayes is not your typical graduate. A structural engineer from our Canberra office, Emma joined Northrop in February 2018, and has big plans to use her engineering skills to make the world a better place.

29 Apr 2019

Northrop’s senior mechanical engineer, Leo Mathews, has successfully completed the rigorous training and examination to be named Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) by the Uptime Institute.

17 Apr 2019

Newly-appointed board member Karlie Collis is a Northrop principal who’s been with the company for almost 15 years, and joins the board with a keen determination to continue to build on the qualities that make Northrop a special place to work.

15 Apr 2019

Undertaking developments next to railway lines can be tricky. There are a myriad of additional considerations and approvals which affect the design, the construction and the operation of a project, and if not addressed early, can have significant cost implications.

9 Apr 2019

“Ensuring that sustainability is successfully integrated into each project starts with us being able to communicate and engage effectively” says Northrop’s sustainability consultant, Nicola Viselli.

4 Apr 2019

Northrop are pleased to announce the appointment of four new Principals; Peter Young, Rod Pratt, Ali Habibi and Daniel Holland. 

2 Apr 2019

While the idea of modular construction can strike fear into the hearts of those unfamiliar with the process, Senior Structural Engineer and Director, Karlie Collis says Northrop can demystify the process and provide clients with cost-effective well-built projects.

20 Mar 2019

Want the best outcome for your project? The key lies in the involvement of your design engineers from beginning to end.

25 Feb 2019

Northrop is one of only a few consultancies with the knowledge to design engineered timber buildings. With several exciting timber projects under their belt, Northrop has developed a wealth of knowledge in timber design and an unquenchable enthusiasm of what the future holds as developers, builders and architects across Australia turn to timber. 

24 Jan 2019

When you’re the engineers of choice for school projects for numerous managing contractors and architects, all vying for your services, you know your report card is scoring top marks.

20 Dec 2018

After 45 years in the industry, starting at the bottom and working up to senior engineer and shareholder of Northrop, Bryan Cossart has decided to move into well-earned retirement.

19 Dec 2018

Structural engineer, Alissa Colafella, is right where she wants to be - working on amazing projects for Northrop, balancing work and home life while enjoying her family, and helping to carve an easier path for future women engineers.

10 Dec 2018

State government funding announcements for new schools and upgrades typically receive a lot of media attention. With all the hype, it’s critical to look at how to stretch every project dollar so educators and students benefit most.

20 Nov 2018

Despite a continually changing world, Northrop is in it for the long haul, ensuring the business has full control over its own destiny, and its people are personally invested.

5 Nov 2018

Australia’s construction industry is risk-averse, there’s no two ways about it. Our new buildings and public infrastructure are reliant on construction technologies and work practices that haven’t changed for decades. But the costs of construction continue to rise. 

30 Oct 2018

Being relatively new to the Central River City of Parramatta, Northrop is keen to mix and mingle with our neighbours. So we reached out to Parramatta BizConnect to find ways to make connections with local businesses.  

26 Oct 2018

While ‘sustainability’ has become a common term to use we shouldn’t lose sight of what it really means – more water and energy efficiency in buildings and a healthier environment for humans to live and work in. This translates into savings and a more secure income for asset owners and investors.

10 Oct 2018

On Saturday 6th October, Northrop sent eight representatives; Steve Vergot (manager), Joel Chapman (captain), Ali Habibi, Brendan Blake, Chris Vosnakis, Dave Bryceson, Joe Caparrotta, Sam Chapple and Davide Graniero, to do battle with 23 other football teams in the much-anticipated annual NSW Corporate Games. 


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