Alexandria Park Community School Redevelopment

In 2017, Alexandria Park Community School was earmarked for redevelopment. This multi-million-dollar project required temporary facilities to accommodate over 500 primary school students, as well as students from another local school, also under development.

Northrop was engaged as the lead technical consultant and tasked with providing the design structure, as well as the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical building services.

Additionally, Northrop oversaw the entire project, being the design and construction “go-to” for solutions.

With space at a premium, Northrop delivered a three-story modular design, maximising additional administration and teaching space, whilst minimising the amount of playground used.

Featuring state of the art design and off-site construction, it was the first fully weathertight, fully interchangeable, three-story structure, including fully modular stairs, in Australia.

The flexible modular design can be incorporated into any configuration, able to connect to existing buildings, or to be relocated and reconfigured to meet future requirements.

The modules were designed to be prefabricated and pre-fitted with many of the building services and finishes, so as to minimise site labour and the time required to complete the project. Service zones were designed with future adaptation in mind i.e. space reserved for future additional IT.

Built in just three months, the modules were engineered for Type A fire rating requirements by the National Construction Code (BCA). They were easily transported, fast and safe to erect, and finished to the highest quality standards.

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