Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences (CBMS) Laboratory

The Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences faculty at Macquarie University (MU) explores chemical reactions and the effects of these in the real world.  The University has recently hired Swiss Associate Professor Koushik Venkatesan and will furnish him with a new laboratory.

The laboratory will be primarily used for the mixing of reagents to make new chemical compounds like inhibitors, catalysts and possibly, fungicidal agents. It requires a highly specialised and complex laboratory, which is where Northrop steps in. 

Our team is working with MCA Architects, and providing a full suite of engineering services to support the design and construction of this specialist laboratory building. 

There have been several challenges to overcome, including detailed coordination for a dangerous goods store, ensuring compliance with MU design guidelines; and accommodating difficult and complicated spaces.

Overall, this is a unique project requiring senior level engineering and innovative input. Our Northrop team continues to work closely with the client to manage the program and budget successfully.

Client Name
Macquarie University
Construction Value
$6 million

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