The Crescent Plaza, Fairfield City Council

Conveniently positioned in the busy city centre and close to the Fairfield Transport Interchange, The Crescent Plaza provides a contemporary and welcome open space for a variety of users including parents and children, shoppers, local businesses, workers and visitors. Northrop assisted GroupGSA in the design development phase through to construction.

This modern urban plaza features substantial shade tree plantings, landscaped areas, safety and ambient lighting, sitting platforms, sculptured metal seating and pavements, a children’s play-sculpture area, heritage timeline artwork, LED visual media screen and public Wi-Fi. It also plays host to many cultural and community events.

Northrop provided structural engineering advice and input for the various seating, retaining and green wall structures within the Plaza, while our civil team provided drainage input. Embellishments like outdoor feature lighting and sounds helped to attract community interest and transform the urban ‘space’ into a comfortable and sensory ‘experience.’

In October 2017, the Plaza won the prestigious LNA Master Landscapers Association Award for its stunning design and practical use of urban space. Local Mayor, Frank Carbone said the award recognised the effort and creativity of the design team (GroupGSA and supported by Northrop) but also acknowledged Council’s investment in the community. 

“It’s a great space to relax and socialise. The community can contemplate our rich indigenous, colonial and multicultural history through the Plaza’s fascinating timeline wall storytelling the people, places and changes within Fairfield City”, he said.

Client Name
GroupGSA for Fairfield City Council

LNA Master Landscapers Association Award for its stunning design and practical use of urban space. 

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