LOD400 Modelling Capabilities

Northrop have developed an in-house capability to model timber structures to LOD400. Structures are typically modelled to LOD300 by the consulting structural engineers (which includes general locations of all members and their sizes but excludes connections) with the LOD400 fabrication model completed by the timber suppliers.

By upgrading the model to LOD400 – which includes the modelling of all connections, plates, bolts, dowels and screws – timber suppliers can more accurately understand the project costs, reduce the time spent producing shop drawings and in review processes and have additional assurance in the alignment between design and construction.

As with all shop drawing processes, this requires an in-depth understanding of the material and the manufacturing capabilities of the timber supplier. Northrop have invested in building this knowledge base with some of the most well-respected suppliers in the world and are ready to bring this experience to our projects.


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