Materials Handling Facility Port Kembla

SCE are handlers of bulk goods used typically in the manufacture of cement and concrete.  Their base is at Port Kembla where they have access to a working port, and “slag” a waste by-product from the Bluescope Steel Works.  SCE are seeking to utilise a parcel of land for storage of bulk materials, for distribution to buyers across NSW. 

This project required an Environmental Impact Statement to demonstrate that all impacts on the environment would be effectively mitigated.  Northrop was engaged to write the EIS sections pertaining to Hydrology and Flooding, Stormwater and Water Quality. 

Regulators stressed the need for a Water Sensitive Design solution to managing water quality from surface runoff from the facility.  Northrop adopted an affordable and innovative biobasin strategy to contain and treat runoff using passive materials such as Gypsum, Zeolite and Organic products.  These will work together to target pollutants including heavy metals, hydrocarbons and elevated pH. 

SCE are pushing for planning approval of the project while answering a range of issues that regulators have raised.  

Client Name
Element Environment & SCE

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