NRMA Electric Vehicle Charging

The future of cars is electric and NRMA is helping future generations navigate our new era of electric vehicles.  The increased demand for electric and hybrid options reflects that consumers are increasingly seeking to reduce emissions.  NRMA is leading the industry in future proofing NSW for electric motor vehicles.

As part of this initiative, NRMA engaged Northrop to prepare design documentation for 31 sites across NSW for charging electric vehicle kiosks. Strategically placed every 100km, the new kiosks will provide motorists with convenient access to rapid charging of electric vehicles. As a very niche market, Northrop were required to think outside the box to capture the intent and criteria of our client and present a coordinated solution to achieve a user-friendly experience. Northrop liaised with numerous Councils, energy authorities and EV manufacturers to present a unique tender package. The 31 sites are being delivered and Northrop continue to provide support and advice on construction-related queries to NRMA.

This initiative is consistent with Northrop’s core values to provide sustainable engineering solutions.  Transition to sustainable, zero emissions road transport will have a significant positive impact on air quality. We are proud to work with NRMA for this initiative in community infrastructure delivery.


Client Name
Construction Value
$5 million

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