Oran Park Central Administration Centre

Northrop was engaged by Group GSA to provide construction expertise in the new central administration and community facilities for the Oran Park development area. Works would include a new library and provide modern and convenient council facilities for the suburb of Camden. 

The new building had to offer privacy while maintaining public access. Acoustic levels were very important, and we needed to consider these throughout the design.

There was a large atrium in the building for use during major events.  The volume of this space presented some lighting and ventilation challenges however these were overcome by employing glazing and external shading into our design, which was a cost effective and energy efficient solution

Other allowances were required to provide for future expansion of the facility, including a central library. We assessed a number of additional facilities and devised an operational strategy that ensured efficient operation of the site. 

Through effective collaboration, Northrop provided a coordinated design that met the client’s expectations and allowed the builder to construct the building with ease. 

Oran Park Town Centre

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