PRC Embassy Pool Enclosure

The project involved the enclosure of an underground and underused existing 25 x 10m in-ground swimming pool. The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Australia is located in the suburb of Yarralumla and comprises the ambassador's residence, an office building, staff quarters and a garage, surrounded by gardens including the swimming pool

The client wanted to ensure year round swimming for the embassy users and complete construction prior to the ambassador’s visit.

The project challenges were a short construction window, site access and a fixed budget, The building had to be constructed over an existing swimming pool in a very confined construction space. All the time the embassy had to remain operational under extreme security conditions.

Collaboration with the users, local authorities and other consultants was required to deliver a properly coordinated project.

PRC Embassy Pool Enclosure
Client Name
The People's Republic of China
Construction Value
$2 million

Romaldo Giurgola Award for Public Architecture

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