Ruby Tower

The Ruby Apartments are Zetland’s newest 22 storey designer tower. Working alongside Hutchinson who are both the builder and developer on the project, our focus was to create a simple and buildable design whilst also minimising the effect of the structure on the architectural layout.

The main challenges for the project was the excavation depth required to create 3 storeys of basement below the ground water table, and to develop an understanding of the wind and earthquake forces at the site to minimise the structural build cost. Northrop focused initially on reducing the excavation depth to reduce the basement costs, and also explored numerous shoring options to ensure the most cost efficient method was achieved.

Northrop worked closely with the builder and architect to both maximise yield in terms of lettable area whilst also achieving optimal architectural outcomes and minimising build costs and time. These goals are often conflicting, however close communication with the project team ensured they were achieved successfully on this project.

Ruby Tower
Client Name
Hutchinson Builders

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